Alpha hydroxy Lotion

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Fast acting relief from dry skin due to psoriasis or eczema

440 ml Bottle

Irritation can result from flaking and scaly skin especially if suffering from Psoriasis or Eczema Alpha-hydroxy Lotion is a powerfully formulated lotion with a long lasting moisturising effect. It is fast acting to give instant relief. Formulated to have an ex-foliating effect on dry skin cells to leave skin softer and smoother. Apply as often as is necessary.    

Clinical trials has shown Alpha-hydroxy Lotion to be a very effective moisturiser with improved hydration of the stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin) when compared to other urea formulations which do not contain Alpha-hydroxy acids.
The lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, a process that improves the growth of new basal cells (skin cells) that rebuild a naturally occlusive, protective skin barrier.
Enhancement of the skin's natural barrier is important to keep moisture in and infectious agents out. This new skin growth displaces the old dry cells through exfoliation so the skin feels very smooth and elastic. Our formulations contain both lactic and malic acids to improve the exfoliation of dead skin cells.
Amino acids derived from pure silk protein which are also added to the lotion, restore skin tone and luster to give the skin a wonderful, silky, smooth, non-greasy feel.
Alpha-hydroxy Lotion is non-toxic and extremely safe to use. The main ingredient urea is found in all body cells. Even people undergoing dialysis have safely used our products for years. Urea brings water into the skin structure and then leaves the body unchanged. This is why it is both so useful and non-irritating.