TRUEresult Blood Glucose Monitoring Products

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 Home Diagnostics introduced their first blood glucose monitoring system more than 25 years ago  They have developed a product portfolio – the TRUE portfolio of blood glucose monitoring products – that today delivers a level of accuracy, precision, safety and performance that is equal or superior to leading systems on the market.  Advanced performance features like no coding, fast test times, tiny blood samples, reminder alarms and even the world’s smallest blood glucose meter have helped to make diabetes testing easier and more convenient, so people test more often and take better control of their diabetes.  In addition, state-of-the-art test strip design and manufacturing technologies help to ensure accurate, precise results and promote first-test success.  

TRUEresult® Twist

True On-the-Go Convenience blood glucose testing



True Performance - State of the art design blood glucose testing

TRUEresult® Test Strips

Blood glucose test strips for TRUEresult® and TRUEresult® Twist Glucose meters.