The makers of Contour products, Ascensia Diabetes Care offer a variety of meters to help you manage your diabetes. Contour meters combine simple testing with features and benefits designed to you needs, so you can find the meter that fits into your own lifestyle. 

All of the Contour meters use No Coding technology that enables your meter to be automatically coded each time you test, making fewer steps and no chance of inaccurate results due to miscoding. 

This makes the Contour meters simple and accurate - a winning combination.
Please note: Prices are VAT Free (VAT free price only available for registered diabetics and others on prescribed medication) 

Ascensia CONTOUR NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Meter


CONTOUR NEXT ONE - The easy way to get a clearer picture of your glucose control.

The Contour NEXT ONE uses Contour next strips

Ascensia Contour Next Blood Glucose Strips


Pack of 50 test strips for use with CONTOURĀ® NEXT and CONTOURĀ® NEXT USB blood glucose meters.

Ascensia Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips


The Contour Test Strip pack contains 50 strips giving 50 blood glucose test in all.


Microlet Lancing Device

The Bayer Microlet 2  Lancing Device is adjustable and helps to reduce the pain associated with pricking the fingers by being fully adjustable. Different types of skin require different lancing depths in order to obtain a sufficient blood sample. Rotating the end cap varies the depth the needle punctures the skin. The unique device cuts down on rebound and so reduces pain .

Ascensia Microlet Lancets Pack of 200

Packs of coloured lancets for the Microlet 2

Ames Minilet Lancets

For use with the Glucolet 2 Lancing Device

Contour Control Solution

If you are an individual, please phone Ascensia Customer Support for this item 0345 600 60 30 For professionals please phone ACP on 01473 659729