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Creams and Lotions for Dry Skin

Our specialist creams and lotions are made in Canada to a unique formulation which has Urea at its heart. Urea has a special ability to hydrate the skin by drawing moisture into the cell structure of the stratum corneum.

Our creams are not just beauty products, they are formulations that actively restore moisture even to very dry, cracked, flaky skin. The special formulations contain elements similar to those naturally found in healthy skin including urea, silk amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids.

These products attract VAT even if the purchaser has diabetes

Our powerful family of skin care products helps to restore the skin softness the natural way by enhancing the skins' own ability to attract and capture surface moisture. These non fragrant products rely on three key ingredients - synthetic Urea to help the skin absorb moisture, Alpha-hydroxy acid to ex-foliate dead skin cells and Silk Protein to help restore skin tone and lustre. Each product has been specifically formulated to resolve a particular skin care problem.
International experience has shown that these products can deal with conditions which have not responded to other products.  A study in the NHS concluded that: ‘The dramatic improvement in skin texture and resolution of fissuring and Hyperkeratosis (very dry skin) in many of these patients must imply that these creams are a significant improvement on current emollient. They are also anti bacterial and anti fungicidal and so protect the skin from infection. 

heel care

Heel Care

Keeps feet soft and comfortable

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Finger Care


Hand, Elbow and Knee Care

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Body Lotion

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Face Care

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Foot Massage Cream

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Silicone Hand Barrier Lotion

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Body Wash