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Welcome to Advanced Care Products' web site. Our company specialises in finding diabetic products of high quality from around the world. Many of the items in our catalogue of diabetic supplies are not available in high street shops. Much of our focus is on dealing with the problems associated with diabetes and related conditions.

Our diabetic supplies range from blood glucose meters and accessories through to specially formulated creams and lotions which we import from Canada. They have been designed to help even the most critical of dry skin condition. Diabetes can often lead to dry skin especially on the hands and feet. If the skin is allowed to become cracked and fissured, it can lead to infection and in some extreme cases amputation. Guard against this by trying our Heel Care cream, probably one of the most effective creams on the market. Just take a look around and see what we have to offer amongst our range of diabetic products.

New to the site is the CardioChek Total and HDL Cholesterol meter. Used by professionals in GP surgeries and clinics, this meter is invaluable to monitor you and your family's health.



Bayer Blood Glucose Products

Nipro Blood TrueResult Glucose Products

Creams and Lotions for Dry Skin

Cool bags for carrying Insulin

Pen Plus Case

Oedema Socks

Hand E Crush Tablet Crusher

Clip&Stor Pen Needle Cutter

Siemens Urine Testing Strips